putting our money where our heart is

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Thank you.

thanksIt’s my birthday and I just want to say thanks. It’s a great day for thinking about all the things that are good in your life, and I have many to count. Today my husband was extra sweet to me, as he has been all “birth-month” actually. My co-workers made me feel extra special with hugs, birthday wishes, a cute little birthday-girl ribbon I was made to wear all day and some special treats on my coffee break. I received thoughtful messages from friends through every sort of communications format you can think of. My family acknowledged this day through the mail and phone calls and heart-felt, loving words. My E.P.P. (girlfriends) took me out for dinner and absolutely spoiled me with all manner of thoughtfulness and nourishment and booziness and chocolate goodness.

What does this have to do with charity?  Well only EVERYTHING of course!  At least in the way that all the things the people in my life did today to make me feel special is an important and wonderful thing to do and to give and shows how unselfish they all are – so many people who took time away from their own lives, needs wants and desires to benefit another person – me!  And so appreciated.  Thank you!!!

And thank you to everyone out there who is sweet to their loved ones on their birthday.

Happy Pink Monday – Except it’s Wednesday so …  Happy Birthday to me!