putting our money where our heart is


Theresa Frazao, fundraiser and aspiring philanthropist

Theresa Frazao, fundraiser and junior philanthropist

I’ve been volunteering and fundraising for as long as I can remember.  I’ve worked for seven non-profits, volunteered for many more and support even more still by donating and attending events.

I don’t have the resources to be the kind of philanthropist I’d like to be so I take every opportunity to share information about great causes to everyone I know. That’s why I started this blog.  🙂

I chose Black Friday as the day to begin to write about something that I think about a lot, that has meaning for me and is the one area of influence I would be proud to say I’d had on another person’s life – giving back.

Pink Monday is about how to make a difference in the world and explores a variety of causes locally, nationally and internationally.


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