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The Rare Gift of Seeing Donations Received

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It looks like everyone wants that dress! I hope this girl got to keep it.

Last January, some friends and I contributed the remains of our New Year’s clothing swap to a shipment of donated goods that were travelling to the Philippines. My friend Tara sends things there twice a year by freighter. This shipment was heading to one of the areas that had been affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Sending by water vs. air is more affordable but it takes a couple of months. Tara just recently received photos from the day our donations arrived.

What a wonderful and rare gift, to see the people who have received our donations. These photos really capture the spirit of the moment – the excitement of the unpacking and the moments when someone found something just for them.

I recognize many of the articles of clothing in these photos. Some were my own and some were things I tried on but decided not to keep. I’m so glad I didn’t take them now because seeing how happy they’ve made someone else is so much better!


This photo shows the conditions people are living in.


This is in the same area where our donations were dropped off.


This top was once mine!


It looks like there was something for everyone.

DSCN2079 Black Blouse   DSCN2519 DSCN2568

I remember trying this on and believe me, she looks 100x better in it than I did!

I remember trying this on and believe me, she looks 100x better in it than I did!


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