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Happy Holidays!

Snow CatIt’s Christmas eve. There are holiday lights up everywhere in my apartment. I’m on a little break from work for the holidays. I’m in a new job at a new organization, and new beginnings, like new projects and a New Year approaching, are making me feel full of possibility!

I’ve been neglecting Pink Monday and now is the time, as with a few other passions, to fire it back up again!

I’m all for New Year’s resolutions. I’m generally the kind of person who always wants to be aware of the state of things and be on a track to improving my situation. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m always successful! I find New Year’s is a good time to kick start things that I’ve been having trouble getting a handle on throughout the year.

Goals for 2015:

  • Continue combining writing and philanthropy through this blog.
  • I’ve booked an art show so I have to complete 3 paintings/mth till May to be ready!
  • Getting back on track with a healthier diet and working my way back up to a lost fitness level.

I’m lucky to enjoy a life rich with wonderful family and friends so I’d be remiss not to include them in my resolutions – to continue to love them and show appreciation whenever possible!

Wishing a wonderful holiday season and a New Year full of promise to everyone!